Banana Silk Yarns

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Bhagalpur silk scarf is a leading banana silk yarn manufacturers in India. Banana tree fiber used for make banana silk yarn. Banana silk yarn used for knitting. We provide best quality banana silk yarn for knitters. We are a leading banana silk yarn manufacturers in India. We offer multicolor banana silk yarn to our customers. Our finest banana silk yarn comes from a environmentally friendly source.
We provide a wide range of multicolor banana silk yarn. As a best banana silk yarn manufacturer Bhagalpur silk scarf hand dye the banana fiber yarn with a variety of vibrant saturated pigments. We are top recyled banana silk yarn suppliers in India. We also provide recyled banana silk yarn in USA, UK, Canada & Australia. We also best banana silk yarn suppliers in USA, UK, Canada & Australia.
We are identified as one Banana Silk Yarn Manufacturers and Exporters in the national and international markets. Our Banana Silk Yarn is fabricated from remnants of Clothing Industry that is further handspun. We collect the pieces of sari and then spun it to form banana silk. Mostly, stalk of banana plant is finely processed to make this quality fabric. The stalk consists of different layers which are used for various purposes.

Range available :

Multi Color Banana Yarn
Solid Color Banana Yarn
Tye Dye Banana Yarn
Jari Banana Yarn
Banana Rangi Changi
Banana Pikki Yarn
Two Tone Banana Yarn

Availability :

50 color choices


Fuzzy texture
Perfectly woven

Used in


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